Behind the scenes: The Journey Collection

Behind the scenes: The Journey Collection


The Pearluminous Christmas Collection is finally here.  It has been an exhausting and invigorating ten weeks of hard work from the team. After months of designing, creating, and individually hand crafting our pearls, The Journey Christmas Collection is finally here. 

Now the hustle and bustle of ensuring everything is perfect for our launch date is finally over, we are excited to share with you a glimpse of behind the scenes. Bringing a creative idea to life involves stress, chaos, glamour, allure, and laughter– the beauty of working in this industry, and we would not have it any other way. With a collection inclusive, and meaningful to all, meant we had a lot of exciting, different looks to shoot. In between coffee, dress changes, styling, touch up’s and more coffee, our Pearluminous models; Charlene, Giusy, Johan and Laarni began to work their magic and we discussed all things pearls and modelling! 

 Versatility is at the heart of The Journey. There is something for all, in terms of meaning, style and price. Charlene told us this is one of the main things she loves about the holiday collection. “The jewellery is so elegant, so timeless, and truly versatile. You can wear it with anything, from a little black dress to sportswear.” Giussy agreed as she discussed with us her all – time favourite Pearluminous piece. “My first piece was a pair of classic, freshwater pearl studs. They felt ageless and classic and they went with everything. I could wear them and be classy, or edgy. I have been coming back ever since!” 

Similarly, Laarni talked us through the importance of versatility for styling. “The collection is so versatile, a lot of the pieces work well as stand-alone items, but they are also great for layering. I could pick up anyone, two or of three of these items, go and look absolutely fabulous, which is entirely the beauty of it.” 

Pearluminous, and The Journey, is rooted in beauty. For us, our designs are all about feeling beautiful. Giusy discussed with us the importance of finding beauty in our imperfections, and this is entirely what Pearluminous is all about. “I love modelling the sophisticated and sexy pieces Pearluminous creates, because it allows me to see myself through the eyes of someone else. It is refreshing and empowering to see yourself this way. I have always lacked confidence, particularly body confidence. Working with photographers and designers is great because they do not see you with the same preconceptions that you have of yourself. You see the finished product, and you think, wow okay, I can see my own beauty now.” 

We love the messages Giusy puts forward, as this is exactly what our Jewellery does. It makes you feel truly divine, it allows you to explore and discover your own beauty.  In fact, our lives are imperfect, even with our individually sourced pearls, there is no such thing as perfect. Finding the beauty in love and strength, and ourselves, is at the forefront of the Journey.

Modelling our holiday collection and giving the pieces meaning and life, is truly an art. Charlene told us what she loved about the art of modelling. “I love how everyone has a different perception of art. One person may love it, another may hate it, it is so individualistic and can take on an entirely different meaning for each person it touches.” At Pearluminous, beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. Our designs can mean something to one person, and an entirely different thing to another. That is the beauty of art. 
Laarni also told us why she loved modelling the Pearluminous Jewellery in particular. “It is a different way of expressing yourself. With fashion, you can put an outfit on, and it can instantly change your look. With jewellery, there is a little more of a kind of subtle art to it. It is understated and slight, and I love that.” This Is exactly why we love the art of pearls. It discreetly changes and adds to your look in which ever way you want it to, in a completely personal and fabulous manner. 

The Journey is representative of imperfection, beauty, art, diversity and inclusivity and is much more than just jewellery. There is a story, a struggle, and an achievement behind it. May we all take comfort  in the wave of life, never losing sight of what is important, and resonating in the values behind this years truly wonderful holiday collection. 

 -Holly Hurt

Editor and writer for Pearluminous