Product Care

Gold Vermeil/Sterling Silver
Show your jewellery some love and it’ll last a long time! When not wearing your jewellery, be sure to store it in the pouch it came in. This helps prevent scratching and maintains colour for Vermeil and Silver pieces. Please remove your jewellery when applying scents, lotions and sprays & also when washing your hands or taking a shower.

14K Gold
A little TLC goes a long way, even for 14K Gold.  To keep their beauty and patina as long as possible, scrub lightly with a fresh toothbrush and warm water. Make sure to rinse away any excess residue! You can also buff your 14K pieces gently using a jewellery cleaning cloth or the pouch sent with each purchase.

Precious metals and pearls require care and attention to extend their lifetime. Although made for everyday wear, rings need routine care. We recommend rings be cleaned and inspected every 6-12 months (through your local jeweller). Make sure the prongs are properly maintained in order to prevent the loss of stones.

We work closely with our jewellers and pride ourselves on the materials used and practices followed.  Our pearls are sourced from all over the world.  We are committed to respect for human rights, health and safety, as well as exceptional craftsmanship, fairly sourced high-quality materials, and sustainable environmental impact.

Pearluminous are committed to quality, not only of our products, but of the conditions in which they are produced.  

All of our partners follow our Code of Conduct adhering to measures that ensure fair labour practices, safe working conditions and transparent communication just as our corporate office does.

We don't recommend having our products worked on by outside jewellers as this voids any potential for refund or replacement (should a defect develop due to their work). This includes resizing or any type of repair work.  Additionally we do not offer any repair or resizing service.

Custom Design

Custom Design
We do not offer a  custom design service at the moment but we encourage you to sign up to our newsletter.  We launch new products on a regular basis so we are confident that you will find something you love!

Custom Sizing
The sizes shown on each product page are the only ones we're able to offer at the present time.

Gift Cards

Yes, at the moment we offer digital gift cards that can be purchased directly from our website in values of £20, £50 & £100.  From 2021 will will be able to offer physical gift cards in the same values. 


You can pay for your items in many ways! Your payment method is charged at the time the order is placed.  Please note that once the order has been placed, we are unable to change the method of payment.

1. Credit card or Debit Visa Card
Kindly note that depending on the restrictions on your card, the transaction may be declined by the bank. We do not accept prepaid credit cards, Visa/Mastercard gift cards at this time.

2. Paypal
Simply click the PayPal option during checkout where you will be asked to log into your PayPal account. Once the order is completed, you will be redirected to the Pearluminous site.


United States and Canada
Duties are included. Taxes are applied at check-out according to the state/province of the shipping address.

United Kingdom and Australia
Duties and taxes are calculated and paid at checkout and there are no additional charges upon delivery.

Other international shipments
There may be duties and taxes incurred on your shipment that you will be responsible for. Please note that Pearluminous does not have any control over these fees and we cannot advise as to what the costs will be, as they vary by country. For more information, please contact your local customs office. Keep in mind that we’re not able to reimburse you for duties and taxes paid upon delivery.


Pealuminous does not charge any additional fees other than the total amount owed for the order. Other fees would have been applied by your bank and are not under the control of Pearluminous. We are not able to provide a refund for any foreign transaction fees.