Discover the inspiration behind the new Amour Collection

Discover the inspiration behind the new Amour Collection

      Following the launch of the new Amour Collection on the 8th of February, we felt the time had come to reveal the stories, ideas and philosophies that inspired the collection. In this post, you can learn how Pearluminous founder Shelley, The Countess of Cromer, drew from her own life, culture and passions to create a collection that celebrates love in all its forms.


      The limited Amour Collection is a return to the elegant and classic styles of the Belle Epoque. 28 individual pieces include necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets. All of which are expertly handcrafted in small batches.

      For the Lover Lariat, Shelley has combined the decorative stylings of a 1920s Sautoir tasselled necklace with an elegant modern Lariat. The result is a versatile piece of pearl jewellery that can be worn in many different ways. With only six made, over a metre long Lover Lariat, with 142 individual pearls, is a unique expression destined to make any woman feel like a goddess.


      Staying with length and versatility, Shelley was also inspired to create the Amour Long Freshwater Pearl Necklace. Perfect as a single strand of pearls that hangs low or wrapped twice around the neck for a shorter double row, this necklace is the epitome of classic pearl stylings. Designed to be a timeless heirloom, it features a circle within a circle clasp that represents enduring love. Just like wedding bands, the unbroken circles are a universal symbol of true lasting love.

      Elsewhere, the Countess has been keen to ensure her pearl jewellery is within reach of all budgets. The gold plated Mermaid Freshwater Pearl Ring features a single 7 to 8mm pearl and a flirty fishtail detail with pavé crystals. At just £18 this is a delightful, fun and quirky pearl ring designed to appeal to the style sensibilities and budget of younger women.


      Running throughout the Amour collection is a strong theme of Love. However, Shelley is eager to point out that it goes beyond romantic love. This collection explores the love we feel for our parents, siblings, friends and children. She also explores how this love changes and shifts as we grow. For the Black Rose Tahitian Pearl Studs Earring set, Shelley embraced the endlessly fascinating Tahitian pearl which changes constantly, depending on the light, the season and the rest of your outfit. Just as this pearl can take on different qualities our love can evolve and change.


      Also celebrating a love that can be unchanging and constant, Shelley has designed the Zander Unisex Freshwater Pearl Necklace named after her son, Alexander The Viscount Errington. It features two intertwined rows of different sized pearls that evoke the eternal closeness between a parent and their child.


      The Amour collection is infused with expert craftsmanship, meticulous design and stories of love and affection. Perfect as a gift to yourself to remind you of the love in your life, or wonderful as a gift to someone you adore.