Pearluminous Monthly Live Stream and Live Interview

Pearluminous Monthly Live Stream and Live Interview

Tune into our weekly Pearluminous masterclasses and live streams to
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When Shelley Baring, the Countess of Cromer founded Pearluminous in 2020 she was expressing an innate need to be creative, learn new things and challenge herself. With over 25 years of experience in high society and international lifestyle, Shelley knew jewellery and knew business. The time had come to combine these two passions and create something new.


From the start, Pearluminous wasn’t like other jewellery brands. Besides being closely involved in designing, making, marketing and sales, Shelley was keen to share her expert knowledge and help others benefit from her insights. Recognising that the pearl and jewellery industry are both notorious for secrecy, Shelley created a vibrant schedule of live masterclasses and online discovery sessions, where she could share her hard-earned wisdom. When she’s not hosting live events, she can be found live-streaming on Instagram, explaining design concepts, inspirations and insider tips and tricks.


Informative and engaging online and off, at a recent masterclass held at London’s elegant Home House,  Shelley presented the latest Amour Collection. Beyond just showing the pieces she also revealed to her guests how to identify the difference between quality natural pearls and fakes. She explained how, using the tooth test, you can take a pearl and gently rub it along the biting edge of your teeth. A real pearl will feel gritty and rough, while a fake one will feel artificially smooth. These sessions grant Pearluminous customers a wonderful learning experience and first access to the finest genuine Tahitian and freshwater pearl jewellery.

Shelley's highly anticipated Sunday live streams are another opportunity to gain vital insights or meet interesting and influential industry figures. On the 6th of February Shelley was joined by fashion model and official face of Pearluminous, Emily Denton. Emily spoke about her experiences in the industry, modelling for the likes of Victoria Beckham. She explained how she also works as a fit model for designers as they develop their collections. Finally, she spoke about the Amour Collection with a unique fashion insiders’ eye and highlighted which pieces she loved the most.


Alongside insightful interviews, Shelley reveals the importance of pearl lustre, shape and surface quality. Her masterclasses and Livestreams are essential viewings for anyone curious about quality pearl jewellery.


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