Starting Pearluminous

Starting Pearluminous

 1: When did the ideal of Pearluminous come about?

 This is something I have wanted to do for a long time. During the 1st lockdown people were filled with fear and uncertainty, with everyone wearing masks, I wanted to bring accessories that people can enjoy and style along with the face masks. Pearls are natural and pure, also the symbol of Long Life with healing properties and this is why I have personally always been drawn to them.

 In the Far East, we believe pearls can offer protection and keep the evil spirit away, their luminosity can brighten up our days and give us all the hope we desperately need at times. Therefore, I started Pearluminous!


2: How many designs did you start off with?

 I started with only 5 pieces, all of which I would like to wear myself. I did not want to let the face mask defeat my fashion sense. Every day on my walk, I would wear a pearl necklace or a pair of pearl earrings to give myself that boost needed.


3: What’s your mission for Pearluminous?

 I really would like to reform and modernise people’s idea of pearls! I want pearls to be for everyone, not only for the rich and famous or outdated family Heirlooms. Now they are chic, contemporary and affordable fashion essentials. I like pearl jewellery to be a part of modern everyday lifestyle!


4: What do you look for in a pair of earrings?

 Simplicity, with a tiny bit of bling to bring out the person’s character as every design is unique, just like people! 


5: If you have one piece of advice for someone who likes to buy a pair of earrings, what is it?

 Actually, I like to give 2 pieces of advice!

First, if you have never worn pearls before, let’s play safe here! It is better starting with a pair of pearl studs about 7 to 10mm in size depending on your height. They will never go wrong.

 Secondly, if you are reasonably experienced with pearls already, then let’s be a little braver, get out of your comfort zone, try something different. Don’t just always buy the same style. If you love round traditional pearls, this time try the funky Baroque irregular shape; If you only wear freshwater pearls, this time try some Tahitian pearls instead, one step at the time.


6: Which are your favourite Pearluminous earrings?

 I love them all! But if I have to choose one pair to wear from day to night, to fly from one continent to another then probably it would have to be the Tasaki Style which looks really chic and contemporary but low key. Each one can be separated into 2 different styles: mix and match one pair becomes 3 pairs, so the diversified options are totally limitless, the same applies to both 6 way and Rose necklaces too.


7: What is your favourite Pearluminous pairing?

 Sometimes people just like a quick easy solution, pairing is difficult to many people. Therefore, Pearluminous has provided the perfect matching sets as the solution: for example, our Coconut set, Bella Bow set and Camellia set.

 Everything is done for you: the pendant necklace with matching earrings plus the matching rings. The set normally creates a better and more polished look, your image is going to be more expensive and sophisticated as well.


8: If you could have one piece of pearl jewellery for life, which piece would it be?

This is a really difficult decision to make. I might have to take the Liliane Tahitian multi-coloured pearl necklace with me. Most people believe the Tahitian pearls are black, but actually they can be in a wide variety of colours, which makes them adaptable for any occasion.

 Like our life with many different elements; we are all in different shape and form with many different colourful past; many different experiences; many different stories. Therefore, I have to wear all my past my history my experience and my stories around my neck wherever I go!


9: What is your favourite piece from the current New Collection?

 We have released our Summer Collection on the 21st of May already, and my favourites from this would be: Twister, Rudegrl and CC because of the Unisex element. Claudia is a real piece of fine art! Mini me would be on every young lady’s dream list!


10: When is the next collection release?

 We have just completed a new photo shoot a couple of days ago. It will be the Empowerment collection which is inspired by Pride June LGTB and many outstanding Female figures like my late mother in law Esme The Dowager Countess of Cromer, Madonna the Pop Icon and Naomi Osaka the world's No 1 female tennis player. This collection is all about Entrepreneurship, Self-discovery, Self Love and being Bold and Resilient! 

Also we are introducing a couple of Unisex designs without pearls for the first time to mix and match and to escalate the chicness and the contemporary style of our ethically sourced Pearls!

 Our aim is to release after the Freedom Day and will make announcement soon! So keep an eye on @pearluminous_ our Instagram for announcements.