In honour of our new Silver Series collection that has just dropped, we have decided to dedicate a Pearluminous edit to winter jewellery trends and styling. Silver is back! This summer has been dominated by colourful, Y2K inspired jewellery, and whilst this is a cute look for those warm Ibiza days, we’re excited to return back to classic jewellery this AW/21. 

 Jewellery trends this Autumn/Winter includes layering, bold statement rings, mismatching earrings, jewellery with meanings and of course, pearls. We want to give you some shopping inspiration, and give you the tools to create a timeless, classic look with an on trend feel.



Layering is a trend that has been popular for a while, and continues to stand strong this winter.  The beauty of layering is the ability to make it uniquely you. You can layer a few dainty necklaces for a fuller, embellished yet elegant look, or build a bold, busy look with heavier statement pieces. Similarly, you can opt for a mixture of both.

This trend doesn’t stop at necklaces, as stacking bracelets and earrings is very much on trend, and we have to thank the Cartier love bracelets for making everyone want to embrace a layered, striking and embellished wrist. The key for layering jewellery effectively is to ensure different measurements and spaces, most importantly for the necklaces.

To create this look, have a peak at our Rudegrl & CC Unisex Three Stand Fresh Water Baroque Pearl Necklace that mixes classic jewellery with a contemporary, layered feel.


Bold Statement Jewellery

This AW/21 making a statement with jewellery is very much on trend. Our silver series collection allows you to be bold, whilst maintaining a panache and classy look. Our Diana Freshwater Pearl Necklace is the perfect hybrid of a statement piece, packed with plenty of class and elegance.

Similarly, our Japanese Mabe Adjustable Ring is big and dashing, but an ageless piece. Wear solo for a more traditional look, or layer with smaller silver rings for a fuller, edgier and more contemporary look.


Mismatching Earrings

Another popular jewellery trend this winter is mismatching earrings, and our silver series collection has an array of handpicked pearl earrings that you can mismatch, pair and mismatch again to your hearts content. Match and stack our Freshwater White Pearl Studs with our Naomi Grey Mother of Pearl Earrings. For a more timeless look, wear our pearl studs with our dainty Sika Freshwater Pearl Ring, for a put together, understated but effortlessly glamorous fit.


Jewellery With Meaning

Jewellery with meaning, or more personal jewellery, is also a favourite this Autumn/Winter.  All of our pieces have unique meaning, so we thought it would be best to showcase you a few handpicked favourite’s. Our Zodiac Unisex Freshwater Mother of Pearl and Baroque Pearl Necklace represents the Sun’s apparent annual path. This piece embodies a wider message about guiding us on the right path for the future. Given the turbulence of the past eighteen months, trusting the path you are on is an important message we want to send to all our Pearluminous family.

Similarly, our Naomi Grey Mother of Pearl Earrings are inspired by Naomi Osaka, who is the first Asian to hold the top rank in singles. Refusing to attend any press conferences at Roland Garros, she prioritised mental health and stood up to conventions that do not always support, enough, the well - being of the players. This is a message we really identify with at Pearluminous, as we believe in the importance of prioritising mental wellness and making a stand for what we believe in.


A note from the editor

We have given you an insight into some of our pieces in our Silver Series collection. Depending on the look and fit you want to create, we have offered some styling tips and popular trends, as well as some timeless classics. Explore the series on our website, where you can find the entire collection. Discover more, including information about private consultations with Shelley herself.

We hope you love the designs as much as we do.

Pearluminous x

-Holly Hurt