The Journey Collection

The Journey Collection

A Note from Shelley 

As the Founder and Creative Director of Pearluminous, I am delighted to announce the launch of this year's Christmas collection - The Journey. After an exhausting yet utterly rewarding ten weeks of designing, creating and handcrafting in our workshop, Pearluminous is proud to present you with fifty unique, classic, and on trend designs.
This collection is based on my personal life journey, in the hope you can all relate it to your own, and together we can build a Pearluminous family, rooted in strength, style, and love.

The Story Behind The Journey

There have been four main cornerstones in my life - love, happiness, health and prosperity. For many, our lives centre around these values. Therefore, I have based the collection entirely on these values. My life journey has been full of extreme highs and difficult lows. Having left Shanghai when I was just twenty two, after a cold and difficult upbringing, I became the real life Eliza Doolittle. 

I had the rags to riches fairytale, As I plummeted in to a world of travel, party, glamour, celebrities, the rich and the famous by marrying in to the Baring family, I became the Countess of Cromer. 

I ran a successful business, becoming a self made millionaire by thirty. However, after a period of ill health, and the loss of precious time with my children, my fairytale came crashing down. My marriage broke down and I hit rock bottom. 

The loss of love was hard, but I bravely moved away from life as knew it. I gave up my title, I became independent, and I reinvented myself. Pearluminous is the start of my new journey, and this collection is so deeply personal to me.


The Story Continues

The leading design for this collection is The Journey necklace which is a 4 strand freshwater pearl necklace with a beautiful silver zircon clasp. 

The four strands of pearls are all different sizes and lengths. They are representative of the main four journeys in our life. Love and friendship, family and parenthood, physical and mental health, career and entrepreneurship. The clasp represents the self discovery and self belief journey that we all experience throughout our lives. I hope you can resonate with at least one of these journeys and feel uplifted as we build an important sense of community together.


A Final Note 

Pearluminous is much more than a business to me. It is a personal landmark of how far I have come due to my courage and my perseverance. Our designs are meant to inspire and empower. Pearls are no longer confined to the rich and famous, but everyone can feel beautiful, with ethically sourced and lovingly handcrafted pearl jewellery.
My mission is to give you the best service, and to bring you powerfully poised elegance, by adding a touch of glamour on your own personal journey.
My journey has taught me that I can stand alone, start fresh, and move on from my past. I have done it this time. Not as the countess of Cromer, but as Shelley.
I would like to dedicate this collection to my parents, who have loved and supported me unconditionally. Today is my mothers birthday, Hope I have made her proud with this special present.
Let the journey continue…
Shelley X