Purity Freshwater Rice Pearl 3 piece set
Purity Freshwater Rice Pearl 3 piece set
Purity Freshwater Rice Pearl 3 piece set

Purity Freshwater Rice Pearl 3 piece set

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PEARLUMINOUS owner Shelley is an ardent fan of combining simplicity with classic styling and for those just at the beginning of your pearl wearing journey then this beautiful necklace earrings and headband set is a wonderful place to start.

The Purity Freshwater Rice Pearl set is strung with freshwater pearls that really highlight the cool hoop shape.

They are handmade from solid silver and work well for both day or evening events especially for weddings, graduations and christenings.




  1. Take a ring to measure the diameter inside of the ring and then convert with the size guide.
  2. Take a soft ruler, measure the circumference of your finger and then convert it with the size guide.
 Diameter Size Circumference
1.46cm 46 4.58cm
1.53cm 48 4.80cm
1.60cm 50 5.02cm
1.65cm 52 5.18cm
1.72cm 54 5.40cm
1.78cm 56 5.59cm


All of our bracelets are 17 to 18cm length.  This measurement does not include the clasp.


All of our necklaces are different lengths.  Please check individual production descriptions for exact measurements.  This measurement does not include the clasp.

All Pearluminous jewellery pieces are handmade in our artisan workshops in China & Korea.

Since each piece is unique, we advise you to follow these basic guidelines to ensure that your jewellery will last longer.

  1. Avoid direct contact with perfume, cream, lotion or any chemical product and similar.
  2. Remove your jewellery before swimming, bathing, or taking part in any other activities that involve coming into contact with harsh products.
  3. When not wearing your jewellery, please store each piece in its pouch or your own jewellery box.

To help make your jewellery last longer, please follow the instructions above carefully. 

Every piece of Pearluminous is covered by our 3 month warranty. Should your jewellery suffer a breakage or tarnishing due to a manufacturing defect, we are committed to ensuring that your piece is replaced at no cost to yourself if returned in under 3 months of receipt of the product. If you have any questions, please do contact us.